Frequently Asked Questions


Is this software safe to run on my PC?

Yes! Our software does not have any viruses or malicious code running in it, we've open sourced it so that you can view every single line of code on github. We take great value in our reputation.

Will this damage my PC in any way?

No, it is incredibly rare for GPU mining to have even the slightest bit of performance degradation. Many tests have been done on whether or not mining cryptocurrency will degrade or break your hardware over time, you can check out this great video to see how a 2 year mining test did not affect a gaming PC's performance at all.

Is this legal?

In almost 100% of cases, mining cryptocurrency is very legal and you would never get in trouble for doing so. Places like China or North Korea are notable examples of countries with some weird regulations, so check locally if you're concerned.

Earning Money

How much can i expect to earn?

The true answer is that it entirely depends on your PC setup (mainly your GPU) to determine how much you can make. A very old graphics card can expect to make probably around $35-$40/month, whereas a new modern card (RTX 3080) can expect to earn around $80/month.

Do i have to configure anything?

Nope, you don't have to know a single thing about cryptocurrency to make money. We manage all the hardwork, all you have to do is sit there and wait for the cash.

Why should i use IdleCollect instead of my own miner or another site?

The advantage of using IdleCollect is that we automatically install and optimize the mining software while taking as few fees as possible.
If you are advanced in cryptocurrency you most likely could create your own miner and save maybe 2-3% in fees, but it would be a huge hassle to setup and even moreso to constantly optimize whatever the best coin to mine is. The best reason you should be using IdleCollect over your own miner or others is because it's easy and efficient!